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Interviewing cidermakers importers, orchardists, foodies, farmers and cider enthusiasts around the world. Let’s delve into the semantics of cider…or is it hard cider, cidre, sidra or fermented apple juice? The truth is out there in Ciderville and we are going to find it. We toast in celebration of cider; As a libation, a gift from the gods, a taste of terroir, and a hard pressed good time. Ready to quench your thirst? Grab a glass and join this chat! See you in Ciderville!
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Nov 25, 2015

Paul Zocco, of Zok’s Homebrewing and Winemaking, is a 12 time winner of the title “New England Cidermaker of the Year” and he is discussing  cider recipes and trends in this episode.

Paul Zocco, New England Cidermaker of the Year with Ria
Paul Zocco, New England Cidermaker of the Year with Ria

Paul has been running Zok’s Homebrewing and Winemaking Shop for the past 16 years. Over that time he has seen a growth of the homebrew shift from beer to cider grow exponentially.

In this episode, Paul chats...

Pasteurized versus not pasteurized apple juice

How to choose sweet cider from a cider mill

...Go to the cider mill and buy a pint of the fress pressed juice. Go out to the parking lot and try it. If it is good, go back and make a deal to buy 5 gallons. It is simple as that.

What does Paul uses to chop up his apples?

Answer: A machete

Paul chats about Angry Orchard, Woodchuck and their sweet ciders…and the benefit for new drinkers of cider.

Listen to Paul describe how to make classic New England Cider:

Key additives: Brown Sugar and Raisins

Links or Cidermaker's mentioned:

Zok’s Homebrew shop online :

Zok’s on Facebook

Contact him about his overseas and US beer tours or where to find a good sake bar in New York City.

 Sparkolloid Clarifier – clarifies the cider

Paul’s favorite cider yeast: Wyeast 4766 on Amazon

Another popular option: Sweet mead cider yeast: White Labs WLP720

Urban Farm Fermentory: A Maine Cidermaker

Farnum Hill Cider

Listen to this episode













Nov 20, 2015

President John Adams chats cider & podcasting!

Cider Chat MC Ria chats with the 2nd US President John Adams about cider and podcasting - via this mini promo/spoof for "Thanks, Podcasting".

 Welcome to “Thanks, Podcasting!” where you’ll get to hear

stories of inspiration, transformation and impact because of podcasting.

My name is Ria Windcaller from Cider Chat over at

Listen to the Bubbling Carboys in the background

That bubbling in the background is the sound of sweet, fresh pressed apple juice transforming into qualfable cider or what some folks in the US call hard cider. It is a fact of US history and World history that cider has been both an inspirational drink that has transformed the lives of many.

 John Adams who was both a founding Father and became the 2nd president of the United State and who worked with Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence was known to have a pint of cider every single day. And, I am sure if John Adams was joining me on this special edition of “Thanks Podcasting” today, he would most certainly say,

Who could that be? Don’t they see the sign that says, Podcasting Shhhh - Hmmm?

 Ria: President Adams?

John Adams: I heard that President Obama was on a podcast and I er. heard you were doing a Thanks Podcasting show and sooo.

Ria: Absolutely Mr President here the mic.

Adams: Here the President clear his voice....If we had podcasting back at the time of the birth of our nation, I would have been able to thank podcasting for helping me, avoid having to ride my horse all the way from Boston, Massachusetts to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to quibble with Jefferson about that Declaration of Independence. Podcasting is a form of free speech that benefits all and I raise my trusty tankard of cider to podcasting.”

 Ria: Well thanks John! I mean Mr. President!

 John Adams: You are most certainly welcome, now carry on.

Ria: Mr. President would you like a glass of cider before you get back on your horse?

 John Adams: Well yes, I most certainly would.

 Ria: Excellent! Well, What do you think of that Mark Maron? Anyone can have a president on their show, but a Founding Father? Geez Louise!

Now before I roll out the barrel I would like to once again say, Thanks Podcasting. As a online medium and I’m not taking Ouija boards now –

 John Adams: Eh um - Certainly not Ria!

 Ria: Podcasting has inspired me to reach out to you and transform the airways into a virtual chat room where we can all grab a glass and join a chat with the likes of John Adams and you.

 And that is dear listeners and friends of Ciderville is not only the impact of cider but the amazing impact of reaching out to you via podcasting

 Hear the pop and pour of the cider bottle

Ria: You were Spot on sir.

 John Adams: Well, Thank you Ria.

This is Ria Windcaller, of Cider Chat looking forward to seeing you in Ciderville. Thanks Podcasting


Contact to host your podcast! Who knows maybe you will be able to chat with a Founding Father too!

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Nov 18, 2015

On a very cidery night of ‘Meet the Cidermakers’ during the 21st Annual Franklin County CiderDays ...

Nick Gunn of Anthem Cider and Wandering Aengus in Oregon and Dave White, Whitewood Cider in Washington sat back for a chat about west coast ciders and the cider trend in the US

Nick Gunn has been in the cider business for eleven years working two labels: Anthem Cider and Wandering Anegus. He is married to Mimi Casteel the winemaker and member of the founding family at Bethel Heights Vineyard. Says Nick, “Winemaking is basically same thing as cidermaking. We are making a tank fermented chardonnay more or less but are using apples instead of grapes.”

Dave White started the cider blog Old Time Cider Blog years ago, but knew he was always destine to make his own cider commercially. He launched Whitewood Cider Company, in Olympia Washington in 2012. Dave describes Whitewood as a nano cidery.

l tor, Dave White of Whitewood Cider Co. Olympia Oregon and Nick Gunn of Anthem Cider & Wandering Aengus Salem Oregon at CiderDays 2015
l to r, Dave White of Whitewood Cider Co. Olympia Oregon and Nick Gunn of Anthem Cider & Wandering Aengus Salem Oregon at CiderDays 2015

Nick and Dave discuss:

A couple of Oregon Cider Bars:

Cider Bite

Bushwacker Portland

Rev Nat's Taproom

Portland Cider House

A couple of Washington Cider Bars:

Capital Cider – Capital Hill Seattle

Shilling Ciderhouse - Fremont

Book Links From Peter Montgomery,

A Potted History of Fruit (2011) Mike Darton

The Perfect Fruit: Good Breeding. Bad Seeds, and the Hunt for the Elusive Pluot, (2009)  Chip Brantley

Contact Peter at: Montgomery Orchards LLC: Heirloom Apples and Orchards

45 Kent Road/CR 341

Warren, CT 06754


Now it is time to Grab a Glass - Join the Chat and I will see you in Ciderville!


Nov 11, 2015

Robert Colnes, of New Salem Preserves wanted to build a ciderhouse for the farm's bountiful orchard. Little did he know when he started that he was on journey that would take him two years to complete.

New Sale Preserves is situated on the edge of the Quabbin Reservoir, which provides drinking water for the city of Boston.

Robert tells his tale of what it took to jump through the federal, state and local hoops to build the ciderhouse.

Carol B. Hillman the owner of New Salem Preserves wanted to maintain the aesthetic of the old New England homestead. By the way, Carol is an author and her recent book Sense of Place is a photographic book of the farm and show's her warmth and connection to the place. She also has an amazing cookbook for Garlic lovers.  Contact Carol directly, if you are interested in either books, via the link to New Salem Preserves.

I hope you enjoy this special tale as Robert and I journey into the orchard and out to the Ciderhouse.

Please follow us along on Twitter @ciderchat

Find photos and show notes at



Nov 4, 2015

Wouter Bijl's opened CiderCider in 2009 online and then as the first cider store for the Netherlands. The Dutch can now proudly proclaim cider has arrived. Proost!

This cider chat goes back and forth to the US to the Netherlands discussing the range of the ciders available, country styles, and the current and future state of cider in the Netherlands. Wouter is a cider importer who is helping cider get its footing in the land of tulips and cheese.

Grab a glass and join the chat! on twitter @ciderchat